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New Year - New Beginning: Setting Goals and Achieving Them

Posted by Frank Wiginton on Tue, Nov 15, 2016

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I always find it interesting that the beginning of the New Year has almost everyone make resolutions and setting goals! Why is it that you need a new year to begin to set goals? Why don't people set goals at the beginning of every month? or for that matter every week or every day? I believe that the answer lies in peoples underlying motivation to actually achieve. There was a survey done in one University that asked the graduating class which of them set goals and who wrote them down. Only 15% of them could even describe any goals they had for themselves, and even fewer 3% not only had them but also wrote them down. The statistic that really had an impact was that many years later the 3% who wrote their goals down were worth more than the other 97% combined. I believe that that those that have a passion and drive for something will set goals and achieve it. They set annual, monthly, weekly and daily goals to ensure success.