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The Limitations Financial Institutions Face When Providing Financial Education

Posted by Frank Wiginton on Wed, May 01, 2013
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Don Stewart, the former CEO of Sun Life Financial, speaks at the 2012 Financial Education in the Workplace Roundtable about the limitations organizations face when providing financial education to employees.


Donald: I think they face the same general limitations as every business, which is every business needs employees to be well placed to help that business thrive and prosper. And, financial education as I said earlier is one of many things that businesses have to worry about. The various financial providers you mentioned such as the banks, the insurance companies, the investment companies and even the pension funds obviously have an advantage in the stock and trade is financial matters, but it fully, they may not be quite as well placed as others because of course, they got to consider their own financial products in that and that might or might not lead to perceptions of non-neutrality.

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