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The Economic Impact of Employee Financial Education

Posted by Frank Wiginton on Wed, Apr 24, 2013
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Gary Rabbior, President of the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE), speaks at the 2012 Financial Education in the Workplace Roundtable about how financial education improves relationships between employers and employees.



Gary: There’s two dimensions in being an economics, you have micro economics and macro economics. I don’t know macro basis within individual companies not only can it provide benefits to the employees. It can helps in a better relations between employer and employee. If you’re actually working together for the betterment of the lives of your employees, employees are going to be appreciative of that. It ultimately will manifest itself and gonna change in the workplace.

On the macro level, the more that we can do this across the society, individual households collectively can better attended their financial affairs to the collective activities that we would go on various workplaces across the country. If in fact, we get the benefit that we could foresee from employers in the sense of higher productivity, happier employers or creativity that comes from less anxiety, then we can collectively benefit as a society too from those kind of outcomes achieve in our companies. 

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